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It started with an idea that differed from the traditional music library approach.

consideration for the seemingly endless amounts of work and dedication this sort of vision would require,

fortunate to have a

and continuous commitment to an already substantial collection of music pieces.


be possible to build a vast catalogue of entirely new music from scratch?  With full

a worthy endeavor.

Would it

Soundwire is incredibly

loyal and gifted group of


our pleasure to offer an exclusive quality of musical creativity you'll find nowhere else.

compose/mix/produce what you need at an extremely affordable price.  We live for creative

already have

businesses to independent filmmakers.

Have a listen below!


Music Licenses

A team of songwriters, producers and composers with a knack for producing music for visual media.

Made available by...
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we deemed the project

who've contributed their time, talent,

It is

We've provided a few sample playlists for

to get a feel for what we can do. 

Contact us and we can provide more examples

the music

of any genre for you.  In the event that we don't

you're looking for, we'll

challenges and

are excited to offer our services

to all branches of the media world from global

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