Production team

Chris Krotky (C.K.) - is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist/composer/music producer, with an emphasis on drums and percussion.  By the age of 16, C.K. was drumming for jazz, latin, and indie rock groups across Northern California.  From there, he acquired his professional engineering and music production skills in many of the famed studios of the San Francisco Bay Area including The Record Plant, Prairie Sun, Brilliant Studios and Laughing Tiger.  As an accomplished composer, C.K. works with clients of all sound genres including eMotion Studios, Nasa, HP, Adobe, Apple, Trek and NVDIA.  Projects

Christopher Krotky

with GIAIM, Sean Corn, Suzanne Sterling and others have garnered awards and critical acclaim.  Since 1999, he has owned and operated his own recording/writing facilities in the serenely majestic Marin County California, including 7 Generations Studios, which he built on his property in the San Geronimo Valley.  C.K. has used his multi-faceted expertise in a wide variety of musical styles, from indie-electro-rock to Klezmer jazz to electronica to world music—you name it.  And this diverse experience continually feeds his passion for innovative sound.  His greatest passion is the endeavor to create new and exciting forms of music with fresh production techniques.

Sharone Digitale

Sharone Digitale (Sharon Lang) is a songwriter, performer, producer, and sound engineer. She grew up in Long Island, NY with a tendency to cry upon hearing a beautiful melody. It is that very sentience that moves her to create lush layers of captivating music that please the ear and caress the sensitive lover in any listener. Having spent eight years of her career in Nashville, TN performing at a variety of venues, producing a number of catchy tracks appearing in film/media/TV, and session singing for fellow songwriters, she arrived at the decision to delve deeper into sound itself and challenge herself to not only build her own small home studio, but to write, record, produce, and engineer an album ("Oubli") on her own. Sharone moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014 and currently works at Soundwire Studios in Fairfax, CA. Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions.