Our state of the art recording studio is located in Richmond, CA, an iconic diverse city in San Francisco's musically rich East Bay.  If you are interested in a relaxed recording experience, pleasant personalities, and top-notch production quality, you've come to the right place.  Our production team takes pride in meeting each client's specific artistic needs with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Studio Services

Step Inside...

Our Live Room

Ready to record?  Our live room is the perfect place for you to lay down anything from smooth vocals to punchy drums or even the whole band at once.  This space is professionally soundproof with a raised floor to keep out any rumbling noise from the ground.  Even our air conditioners are silent.  That leaves nothing to be heard but your creativity and talent.

Studio  A 

Welcome to our master tracking and mixing room, complete with Pro Tools 12 and a plethora of audio gear options ready to capture your sound with supreme precision and lush fidelity.  Already have your takes and need a space to mix?  Look no further.  If you're already familiar with the software, our head engineer Chris Krotky can show you the ropes of the outboard gear or provide his own master's touch on your tracks. 

 Studio  B

Though humble in comparison to its big brother, our lovely Studio B welcomes you to work on whatever your heart desires in its cozy atmosphere.  Be it music, voice-overs, or multi-media tracks, you'll find this little room is a great space to mix, produce, or even compose in, equipped with A/B monitoring speakers and a large monitor screen to conveniently expand one's laptop to a large dual display.



Mon - Sat: 8am - midnight
​ Sunday:    9am - midnight

Recording Gear

Work with the Latest Technology

PRO TOOLS 12 Digital Recording / Mixing / Editing System ( preferred DAW )

Universal Audio Apollo Quad I/O  44.1 – 192kHz Sample rates

Neumann TL 103
Neumann KM 184 ( stereo pair )
AEA Ribbon R84
AKG 4055
AKG d112
AKG 408′s
EV condensors
SM 58′s

Manley Vari-mu Tube Limiter Compressor
UA 710 Tube/Solid State MIC Pre
SP Vt1b V Series Mic Pres
Focusrite Platinum Mic Pres
ML9600 Masterlink CD Mastering Hardware
TL Audio Tube EQ 2011 Valve / Indigo

Software Plug-ins: UAD series , Digidesign, Slate Digital series, Abbey Road, Bomb Factory, Lexicon Reverbs,TL Space, OHM Boyz, many more….
Software Instruments: Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11, Kontakt, Abby Road Drums, Vienna Symphony, Massive, Absynth, Reaktor, Vintage Keys, Steinway Grands, Structure, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Reason, Melodyne, Pro 53, B4, Vintage Organs, many more….

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"If you're a Bay Area singer-songwriter seeking a producer to partner with to help bring your ideas to life and make them sound fantastic, there's nobody I'd recommend more than Christopher Krotky. I've met very few producers who possess Christopher's level of musicality, engineering chops, creativity, and professionalism. He's great."

Billy S., Los Angeles

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