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audio post production

At SoundWire, it is our pleasure to accommodate all of your post-production audio needs, including but not limited to:



Sound Design

Foley/Sound Effects


*Please see below for details and contact us for a quoted rate*


In visual media, there is often a mismatch or break in the audio at the point of transitional edits or cuts. At the switch of a camera angle or the onset of a new scene, there tends to be an audible shift in the production's soundtrack.

Sound-editing is the process of smoothing out these mismatches to create continuity in and out of scenes as well as removing unwanted clicks, pops and other undesirable noise from the audio tracks. Poor sound can easily distract audiences, that's the last thing you want when presenting an important video piece!  Production sound calls for professional sound-editing if you want a clean, consistent audio track. It will also save you valuable time (and money) at the date of the final mix.

ADR + Voiceover
When recording sound on set, not everything you capture is going to be usable. ADR or Automated Dialogue Recording (also known as "dubbing") is the process of replacing poor sound (due to location or technical problems) with dialogue that has been cleanly recorded in a studio.

Through a similar process, voiceover narration can be recorded in the studio away from any possible noises or distractions. A well-recorded voiceover can add a clean, professional touch to your project. With an extensive background in both studio and location sound recording, we are happy to offer both ADR and voiceover services to fit any project’s needs.


Sound Design

Sound design is the process of searching for (and often creating) the perfect set of sounds to complement your film. The first step in this process involves watching the film in a "spotting session" to establish an aural aesthetic and identify sound cues that will add to the story.


From here, we are able to bring together all of the necessary elements, such as SFX, foley, music and backgrounds, to create a soundscape that helps tell your story.

Foley + Sound Effects
While SFX (Sound Effects) libraries are a great resource for finding sound effects to bring life to your film, there will always be certain parts in every project that require the creation of custom sounds. This is where SFX and foley recording come in.

The purpose of foley is to either complement or replace sounds recorded on set with new sound elements recorded in a more controlled environment. This is particularly useful for subtle movements that are normally accompanied by a sound (such as footsteps) to give the audience a more realistic and immersive listening experience. For bigger effects, or effects that are difficult to create in a studio, we also offer custom SFX recording.


This is the final step in the post-production audio process. The mixing process brings together all audio elements of a project: dialogue, sound effects, foley and music to create a soundscape that matches the desired visual aesthetic. It is this careful construction of sounds that can make a project of any budget sound like a big-budget film.

We currently offer mixing in stereo and 5.1 surround sound with delivery in virtually any format.

*With the "CALM Act" now in effect, we can create mixes that meet the -24 LKFS specification required by most networks.

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