Producer Services

In the music industry, a record producer has many roles comparable to those of a film director.  Producers mainly shape and mold a piece of music in accordance with a specific vision.  They coach and guide the music artist, they supervise and manage the recording/mixing/mastering process, and they also organize production budgets and resources.  

At SoundWire...

Our producers not only produce, they engineer and compose as well.  A personal connection with all branches of the creation process enables us to assure each music artist’s particular desires are optimally met within the budget’s means.  

Meet with us, share your song idea, the instrumentation you envision using, and some music you love to listen to as a reference.  We can help you turn the smallest musical thought into a professionally presentable piece for use in virtually any form of media.



Christopher Krotky

Christopher Theo Krotky (C.K.) is the founder of Soundwire Studios as well as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer, with an emphasis on drums and percussion. By the age of 16, C.K. was drumming for jazz, latin, and indie rock groups across Northern California.  From there, he acquired his professional engineering and music production skills in many of the famed studios of the San Francisco Bay Area including The Record Plant, Prairie Sun, Brilliant Studios and Laughing Tiger.  C.K. also studied drums at the Musicians Institute in L.A.. As a composer / sound desiiger / post audio engineer, C.K. worked on projects with clients such as eMotion Studios, NPR , HP, Adobe, Apple, Trek and NVDIA, GIAIM,  SoundsTrue to name a few.

Projects with various artists have garnered awards and critical acclaim.  Since 1999, C.K. has owned and operated three of his own recording and production facilities in the Bay Area, one of which he built himself in the serenely majestic Marin County California.  C.K. has used his multi-faceted expertise to produce and record many artists in a wide variety of musical styles, from indie-electro-rock to Klezmer jazz to electronica to world music—you name it.  And this diverse experience continually feeds his passion for innovative sound.  His greatest passion is the endeavor to create new and exciting forms of music with fresh production techniques.

Sharone Digitale

Sharone Digitale (Sharon Lang) is a music artist, producer, performer, composer, and sound engineer. She grew up in Long Island, NY and started performing with self-taught finger-picking guitar skills at local coffee shops and festivals by the age of sixteen.  Her next stop was Belmont University and an eight-year career of music-making in Nashville, TN showcasing her talent as a solo acoustic artist and lead singer/guitarist of The Janissary, a gypsy funk trip-hop band--all while producing a number of catchy tunes that appeared in various films, web, and TV media.  Her fascination with eclectic styles of percussion and harmony led her to delve deeper into the art of sound itself and in 2011, she set out to build her own small home studio to write, record, produce,

and engineer an album ("Oubli") on her own.  Sharone moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014 and joined Soundwire Studios in 2016.  Her unique composition style and clever production methods yield deliciously smooth, sexy, and meaningful songs. Above all things, she aims for the sweet spot of your listening pleasure, butter-saucing each track with sensual melodic flow over intricate layers of rhythmic texture. 

Heart Kick - Sharone Digitale
Get That Dough - Sharone Digitale
Oubli - Sharone Digitale

Basic Song Arrangement and Production Scenario

1.  Express your song idea and/or play your song for us.

2. We talk about any potential lyric, chord, or melody changes.

3.  We Record basic scratch tracks of guitar/piano/rhythm and vocals to a click.

4.   We can experiment with arrangement; swap/move choruses, verses, bridges, etc...  (quick and easy)

5.  We decide what instruments we need to FILL OUT the track.

6. We




7.  We make a rough mix of your song.

8.  We track the real deal vocals.

9.  We add any "icing on the cake" parts.

10.  We make the final mix.

demo Song


Fully produced Song

$1000 - $2500